Wadi Shab

Wadi Shab – on the way to Omani nature

We were quite lucky when we requested our hotel’s concierge to book the trip to Wadi Shab. The initial price was 130 rial for two for a whole day trip with the driver (lunch box included :-)). Thanks to our pressure the concierge found two young Irish ladies who were willing to go on the same trip so that we could share the cost.

We left the hotel around 8 AM and after having spent 1,5 hour on the highway we reached Bimmah Sinkhole – the natural lime crater filled with the water created by the water erosion. From this place the visitors can also enjoy spectacular views on Omani mountains.

From Bimmah Sinkhole we went to the beach close to Ras ash Shajar, which was like a dream from very tourist’s holiday. Wide, clean, sandy and empty. Swimming in the sea and drying up in the sun on the beach was a pure pleasure.

Early afternoon we arrived at busy parking of Wadi Shab. Our trip unintentionally took place during Eid al-Adha holidays so that we were accompanied by thousands of locals and tourists heading for the leisure.

Wadi Shab is a mountain river canyon with the walking route of few kilometers. As you have to walk on the stones, the right shoes are precondition to reach the final diestination with the diving cave. Due to the lack of right shoes and the time limitation we did not manage to get that far. Nevertheless, the views and the pleasure of bath in the emerald waters of the river and resting on the rocky shelves facing the water were unforgettable!

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