Contrary to many people who comment on Abyaneh on TripAdvisor.com we didn’t have opportunity to benefit from the courtesy of Muhammad :-).

We got to the village on our way from Tehran to Isfahan and we don’t regret this move. Although you need some 40 minutes in one direction to get there off the highway the place is clearly worth to be seen due to the picturesque views.

Before you get there you need to be driven on serpentine mountain roads. After half an hour you reach the check point where you have to pay for getting into the village (50,000 rials or 1,5 euro). Along the road you can see the pictures of local inhabitants who died during the Iraqi-Iranian war in 1980s.

Abyaneh is a village, where one can see the traditional architecture combined with amazing views of the Iranian mountains. All the buildings are painted red and this is the color dominating in the village.

Not too many shops were open during our visit, however there was still a few inhabitants waiting for the tourists to buy local gifts.

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