Sentosa Island and the Cable Car -Singapore

There are several transportation options to get from HarbourFront metro station to Sentosa Island (Sentosa Express rail, bus and the cable car). We opted for the latter one as the price of the package allows for using the second cable car line on Sentosa Island itself, which is the fastest and most efficient way to explore the island if you don’t have a whole day.

The price of the full package is some 35 SGD.

Sentosa Island is the entertainment’s reservoir of the city of Singapore. Many families come here for the whole day to benefit from numerous attractions, including beaches, aqua park, various amusement theme parks etc. Definitely, worth spending the whole day there when accompanied by children.

As we had just less than 2 hours to be on the island, we did not use any of particular attractions. To be honest we wanted to use the Skyline Luge. However, heavy rain just started and the attraction got temporarily closed.

We noticed that some beaches (those fronting the open sea) do not offer spectacular views. I would not go for swimming in the sea where the large container vessels are almost in the reach of your leg.

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