About us

Why did we start this web page?

We decided to start this page in order to provide as much information as possible about the places we visited. Actually, there are plenty of web-based services which offer reviews of hotels or attractions. However, we always had the impression that some information was missing although we tried to study many reviews carefully when planning our trips.

When reviewing a hotel the travellers focus normally on the comfort of the room, cleanliness of the facility or the quality of hotel’s services. These are all important things though clearly not sufficient to make your stay a dream holiday. Assuming your room has anything you need and the hotel staff is stretching out the red carpet under your feet every time you decide to walk through the hotel lobby, this is not enough to make you happy if you have to pay 5 euro for a bottle of water or you have to take a taxi at the cost of 40 euro to reach the nearest supermarket. The same concerns access to the public beaches or any other sunbathing options available in the area you stay.

Who we are and what are our travel preferences?

We are  Polish couple At the end of their 40s. For 12 years we have been living in one of the Western European countries. Both of us have full time occupation and therefore we go for one longer trip of 2-3 weeks and 2 shorter trips of approximately 1 week per year, not more.

Asia has been our sole travel destination since 2012. Asia means everything from Tel Aviv till the most distant Eastern point of the Philippines.

Until short time ago, our son was accompanying us on our trips. Now he’s starting his own life and his motivation to join us on the trips is on a decreasing trend :-(.

Although traveling is our passion we are not the travelers on budget. Dust and thrilling experiences like stealing propaganda banners from North Korean hotels are not our drivers. This does not mean that we love to waste money or we limit our holidays to sandy beaches. We always look for cost-efficient opportunities while maintaining certain level of comfort. Sometimes we are quite happy about our travel experience, sometimes we feel that we could have planned the things more carefully. However, with each new trip we manage it better and better. Therefore, this web-page is dedicated to all those who like to spend their (limited) free time away from home in good condition while enjoying the comfort of accommodation, the pleasure of meeting other people and experiencing their culture and diversity.

Last but not least, we are the Platinum members of one of the hotels’ chain ( we changed the hotel chain 2 years ago because the lack of attractive destinations under the previous network). However, this webpage ( nor any of our stays) has not been sponsored by anyone.

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