Bhutan – Haa Valley – Day 5

Haa Valley – new destination in Bhutan

Haa Valley has been opened to the tourists only few years ago. It’s strategic location close to the Chinese border (and one of two easy accesses from China to Bhutan) was making it a closed, military area until now.

Before we get to the isolated Haa Valley, let’s get back to Paro to show you something. Before you start climbing through the mountains, you can stop at the spot point to watch Paro airport and the airplanes approaching between the mountain hills. Paro is not Heathrow in terms of air traffic density but if you are lucky, you can see the approach that you’ll never see at Heathrow.


Paro airport


Paro airport

 Then we started climbing on the road which was under modernization by Nepalese and Indian workers (gender balance was maintained, both men and women were doing this hard physical work). After having seen few yak farms ( no possibility to get some yak’s milk😭), we got to Chelela Pass – the highest altitude (4000 meters), we’ e Ever experienced.

We did not experience any particular breathing problems except of severe weather conditions ( strong wind and the temperature around 0 degrees Celsius). Although we had our winter jackets with us we had to move on after some 10-15 minutes.

From Chelela Pass we started climbing down direction Haa Valley.

In Haa we visited Lhakhang Nagpo, the Buddhist temple in the valley. We had the lunch in one of the local restaurants, we did a short walk through the village and we returned to Paro.

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