Magic country

Thailand seems to be a well discovered destination by the tourists. It does not mean that its attractions are less interesting. Certainly, the image of the country as a tourist destination has been “polluted” for years by its reputation of supplier of sexual services for foreigners.

Indeed, Bangkok is full of the single white men cruising for sexual pleasures of all types. Also, the streets of Bangkok, including its main commercial street – Sukhumvit Road – are full of stands offering all types of porn movies, fake viagra pills and sexual toys. However, Thailand offers much more than this and it is undoubtedly the destination number 1 for beginners willing to explore Asia because of its hospitality, good level of economic development and the diversity of natural and historical attractions.

In Thailand every tourist will find something interesting to visit. Nightlife of Bangkok or Paton, beautiful beaches, architectural attractions, all these things are waiting for explorers.

The first thing you notice in Thailand is the relatively high number of transsexual people. For unknown reason, their share in the total population is quite high and they are well accepted in the society. Making jokes about them or pointing the fingers on them is definitely something that originates from Western culture.

In the recent years Thailand went through severe political crisis involving several street protests, resignation and escape from the country by the Prime Minister and the death of the beloved king. During our several stays in the country between 2012 and 2015 we could feel the tensions, however we never found ourselves in a dangerous situation.

Thais are a very proud nation on one side and very open and naturally friendly and tolerant people. Thailand was never colonized and was functioning for ages as an independent state. It faces several problems with the immigration from its poorer neighbors which has an interesting image. When passing by the construction sites, the tourists can see many women working there. These are mainly the immigrants from Myanmar who are famous of their high attention to detail when assigned to the finishing works like tiles, bathrooms, floors.

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