Krabi – the younger brother of Phuket

Krabi – where is it?

The province of Krabi is located 2 hours drive from Phuket, on the mainland. The more natural way of getting to Krabi is to take the airplane, either directly from Europe or from any of Far Eastern hubs like Bangkok.

Krabi is quite different from Phuket. It is an ideal destination for those tourists who look for deserted sandy beaches, small islands and the absence of noise from night clubs. As a matter of course, such places can also be found on Phuket. However, Krabi will let your mind turn into idle mode while enjoying the peaceful environment and the beautiful nature.


What to do in Krabi?

We were staying at Ao Nang beach in Krabi (see for pictures above). The place was actually ideal to enjoy the (empty) beach. It was also located in close proximity to commerces, massage facilities (the best ones we enjoyed in Thailand) and restaurants. When bored by sunbathing at Ao Nang you can take a boat departing regularly from the beach to any of the neighbouring paradise beaches like Railay Beach or Phra Nang Beach which you can reach by boat only. Those who wish to book a hotel at Railay Beach should consider their choice twice. Isolation from civilisation is a nice thing, however carrying your suitcases from the boat through the water is not a nice thing.

What you can’t find in Krabi is the typical tourist-driven infrastructure like chairs and umbrellas on the beach. You have to enjoy the sun and sea on your own towel, whatever beach you choose.

Railay Beach


When arriving at Railay Beach you get amazed by the views and by the isolated nature of the place. The trees give some shadow to avoid long lasting sun exposition although you have to change the place from time to time to “follow” the shadow which is moving with the “walking” sun. The Railay Beach is just an introduction to the adventure, however. Take the walking path from the beach and move to another side of the cape into direction of Phra Nang Beach (10 minutes walking distance from Railay Beach) to meet monkey families, to experience Princess Cave or Princess Lagoon or to admire the rocks growing directly from the water.

Four islands tour

After having explored the beaches in the area we decided to buy the whole day four-islands-tour. Well, actually there are various 4-islands tours from Krabi to be found in internet. Our tour went to Daeng Island, Hong Island, Pak Bia Island and Lading Island. Hong and Lading were the best!


4 islands tour is magic. The first two islands did not make a great impression. The two last ones were amazing. Sandy beaches surrounded by the rocks climbing directly from the water, deserted lagoons inviting you to swim in the completely peaceful and deserted environment, emerald water – this all is setting your tired mind into a completely different mode.

To sum up Krabi is a peaceful place allowing for the complete relaxation. IT has all the tourist need i.e. numer of food courts, minimarkets, pharmacies and massage facilities. What we did not see were the loud night clubs and discos adversely affecting your relaxation in this place.




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