Bhutan – Tiger’s Nest – Day 6 – the biggest failure of ours

Well, not much to say. We didn’t make it. We tried it hard but our 100kg bodies refused cooperation at the midpoint.

We were ambitious and we wanted to get to the place. However, the altitude difference is 900 meters. Quite a lot. Moreover, on day 6 in Bhutan the motivation to see another monastery is decreasing. Last but not least the midpoint offers already spectacular views to the place and you can’t take picture inside of the temple (like everywhere also in Bhutan). Enough excuses to stop at the midpoint. But let’s start from the beginning…

For the starting point you arrive in the forest to start climbing to the Tiger’s Nest. There is an option to rent a donkey to bring you to the midpoint. However, this option was strongly protested by our guide because frequently donkeys get in panic when walking at the edge of the hill and they can drop down the passenger from their back (we saw it). Moreover, harassing the poor animal with our 100kg each one is not our intention.

So, we started climbing. I was admiring our guide who was making the route with the tourists several times a month. She definitely didn’t need the fitness club card. At the end of the day we made it to the midpoint on our own feet (+500 meters).

At the midpoint (restaurant, cafeteria, toilets provided) you meet a lot of people who explain you that taking selfies at certain age with the view on Tiger’s Nest doesn’t count. This is what one of American tourists told me wife when she was trying to put her face in front of monastery on the picture… “Honey, women in certain age should not take selfies. Let me take a picture of you.”

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