Abu Dhabi – An attractive alternative to Dubai at more reasonable cost.

Getting there

The airport of Abu Dhabi offers a great number of flight connections to hundreds of places worldwide. In 2016 when we were there last time, it was still under extension and therefore very uncomfortable, overcrowded and – until certain extent- putting the security of passengers at risk. Some of the boarding gates are too small to accommodate hundreds of passengers so that people are blocking the narrow corridors leading to them. Any urgent need to organize an evacuation of the gate would have tragic consequences.

An alternative option is to get a taxi from Dubai (some 300 AED) which will bring you to the destination after some 1,5 hour drive through the dessert. The cost of taxi from Abu Dhabi will be some 20-30% less. This also generally the factor that applies to any prices in Abu Dhabi as compared to its more famous fellow emirate.

Holiday plan

During our stay we were staying close to Emirates Towers and Marina Mall. The location is perfect to reach some shopping malls and the Corniche. However, there are some developments going on in the area so that the beaches front construction sites of the new artificially created islands similar to those known from Dubai. An alternative area to stay when visiting the city for leisure is Yas Island, which – in our opinion – is more attractive to the families with kids due to close proximity to various entertainment facilities. On the contrary, the area around Etihad Towers is more busy and located within short distance to the strict city centre.


Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre

Probably the most spectacular building in Abu Dhabi and the largest country mosque, also open to non-Muslims. It was built during 11 years on 12 hectares and the building is expected to combine the traditional Islamic culture and the modern face of the country.


Yas Island

Although located some 30 minutes drive from the city centre, Yas Island is the leisure and entertainment reservoir of the U.A.E.’s capital. Except of dozens of hotel resorts, it host the Ferrari World Amusement Park, Yas Waterworld, Yas Mall and Warner Bros. World.


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