Orchard Road – Raffles – Esplanade – Waterfront

Getting there

As already mentioned in my generał introductory post about Singapore, I propose this walking route to all those who stay in the city for one day only.  Arriving at Singapore late morning and the departure scheduled in the late evening will allow the visitor to experience Singapore in a nutshell including the evening visit to Chinatown given its adjacent location to the Central Business District / Water Front (10 minutes’ walking distance).

After passing through the immigration at Singapore Changi Airport, take subway to the Orchard station (cost some 3,50 SGD) or take taxi at some 25 SGD. the public transportation system is cheap, comfortable and reliable. The subway network is dense and the tourists can reach every attraction when using public transportation system.

Metro Tickets are sold in the vending machines and they are rechargeable for up to 6 single trips. At the first trip you will be charged an additional deposit fee of 0,10 SGD which will be refunded at the purchase of the 3rd trip. When purchasing the last 6th trip a discount of another 0,10 SGD will be granted.

IMPORTANT: Double-check the price before pressing the confirmation button. For unknown reason, vending machines are sometimes offering return trip as default option, rather than a single trip. Anyway, any price above SGD 2,00 should result in an increased attention of the buyer.

Orchard Road

Orchard Road is the most prestigious commercial avenue of the city. A kind of the local Champs Elysees – but nicer.

After having arrived at the Orchard Station you will find yourself in ION Orchard Mall hosting many prestigious and classic brands. If you are hungry visit the local food court on the level -4. The choice is wide, prices are moderate and all stuff is local.

After having left he mall, walk down direction Somerset station and the Water Front in the green scenery of trees which make this shopping avenue a large park. If you are lucky to visit the city during the sales’ season you might observe crowds of people queuing in front of the 4-stories Gucci mall. Irrespectively of the season it is work looking to the Apple store with hundreds of people inside who make the impression of factory rather than a store.

Apple store Orchard Road

Going further you’ll find Abercrombie&Fitch on your left, which I like to visit for some good quality clothes since the company noticed that people with some overweight are also a part of human population :-).

At its very end Orchard Road will convert into Bras Basah Road and on your left, you’ll reach the historical, colonial building of the Raffles Hotel which hosted the office of the British Governor before Singapore became an independent state. Have the traditional local drink – the Singapore Sling – in the hotel’s patio (supposedly the best one in the city) at the cost of some 20 euro 🙂 and continue to the Esplanade, the Waterfront and the Fullerton Hotel to admire panorama of Marina Bay and the Central Business District.

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