Singapore Flyer

We have reached Singapore Flyer around 7 PM in the middle of the heavy rain and the thunderstorm that has just hit the city. As you have to walk for some 7-10 minutes from the metro station and the direction signs are not very clear, we looked like two wet hens when we got to the place.

To our massive disappointment we learned that the Flyer has been temporarily closed because of the thunderstorm. Given the fact that the last admission is 10 PM and we had to depart Singapore next morning, we took the risk and we decided to stay in the food court and hope for entry soon.

We were lucky because after short 20 minutes with Laksa soup we heard the announcement that the Flyer is open again. We bought our tickets (SGD 33 per adult) and “we boarded the plane”. Initially, Imwas afraid about the difficulties to take the pictures through the wet windows. This was not an issue at all as the cabins have the shape of oval capsules where the lower windows and the floors were not hit by the rain drops. The results might be seen above! 😜From my perspective I can say – when Singapore Flyer then only in the evening!

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