Hot springs Binh Chau


Binh Chau is located 1 hour drive northeast of Vung Tau. We rented the local travel agent to bring us there. The trip took some 5-6 hours altogether and it was a nice break during our beach holidays in Vung Tau.

Hot springs Binh Chau are located in a big park providing the shadow during hot weather. The place is not very busy because the admission fee is relatively high for local conditions (4 euro for passing the entry gate + each attraction charged on top of that e.g. swimming pools with the thermal water another 8 euro + rental of beds, chairs etc. etc.).

The place does not earn many enthusiastic reviews on TripAdvisor because it is certainly not a place to spend a week of holidays. Climate is very hot which is additionally strengthened by the heat coming from the springs. Nevertheless, we found this place interesting for a few-hours-getaway from Vung Tau.

We made the first stop at wells to cook your own eggs. The water there has some 80 degrees Celsius. Therefore, one needs 10-15 minutes to prepare the eggs. Eggs and the baskets to boil them may be purchase at the information point in the wells area. The design of the place is quite tasteless and trashy. However, this is frequently the beauty of Asian leisure attractions 😄.

After having boiled and eaten the eggs we moved towards the complex with swimming pools filled with the hot geothermal water. Although we found the swimming pools very nice and clean (and again not very busy), the comfort of stay was not high due to the very hot weather and the water temperature reaching 27 degrees in the cooler pool and 32 degrees in the hotter one.

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